Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Intricate Dance of the Canada Shuttle Arm & Canadarm2

The Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS), or Canadarm (Canadarm 1), is a mechanical arm used on the Space Shuttle to maneuver a payload from the payload bay of the orbiter to its deployment position and then release it. It can also grapple a free-flying payload, maneuver it to the payload bay of the orbiter and berth it in the orbiter. NASA has outfitted the Canadarm with the Orbiter Boom Sensor System, a boom containing instruments to inspect the exterior of the shuttle for damage to the thermal protection system.

The Mobile Servicing System (MSS), better known by its primary component Canadarm2, is a robotic system and associated equipment on the International Space Station. It plays a key role in station assembly and maintenance: moving equipment and supplies around the station, supporting astronauts working in space, and servicing instruments and other payloads attached to the space station. Astronauts receive specialized training to enable them to perform these functions with the various systems.

Astronaut Julie Payette: Born October 20, 1963, in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, Ms. Payette is fluent in French and English, and can converse in Spanish, Italian, Russian and German. 1 Jul 2010 Ms Payette was the first Canadian to participate in the assembly of the International Space Station. More at:
Canadian Space Agency
Music by E.S Posthumus

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