Monday, April 11, 2011

Give Me A Home

I’ve never realized just how hard it is to adopt a dog. One female just under one year Bernese Mountain dog I was interested in, I was refused, well not just refused the lady absolutely freaked out. Said she won’t let me have “any” of her dogs. She seemed to be under the impression I wanted the dog to a). be a watch dog, protect what is on its soon to be home - land. b). go outside on the land, a fenced in property. (note tone of sarcasm)... She also seemed to be under the impression if the dog was used to watch the cats she’d be outside 24/7 summer heat – winter cold. I’ve come to the conclusion she didn’t know anything about cats so I’ve offered for her to take a look at my blog and see for herself how the cats live. Inside and outside. (which are rescued cats, cared for regularly by a vet) and living in clean conditions.
I’ve even gone as far as to explain I’ve had two previous dogs given to me with a “please can you take these dogs?” Both from previously abused owners – the dogs not only lived far beyond their life expectancy inside the house and outside on my land, but also had to be reconditioned to trust humans again. But no she insisted that she would give none of her dogs.
I now am going by word of mouth and asked friends and neighbours to ask friends and neighbours if anyone having had a litter and wants to give/sell a puppy that will eventually be trained to herd cats (just like my two previous dogs did with happiness to do so). I will not buy from puppy mills.
Perhaps I should have realized with this adoption lady I was heading into the wrong direction with her when I heard her gasp out loud at my initial answer when she asked where do I live and I replied; “in the country”.

I do realize people who take rescued cats and give them a clean well managed home are viewed with suspicions because of animal hoarders and their disarray and amassed filth, as well as the many reasons dog adopters need to scrutinize who they hand over a trusting dog to, such as dog fighting, animal neglect and abuse. But to give a prospecting dog owner the courtesy to be heard out or at least thoroughly inspected should be taken into consideration.

Who would have thought saving a dog’s life to give him/her a better life would be so complicated?

Pictures of the troop

You all have a good week ahead

PS: Maybe what this lady is looking for is someone to adopt her medium sized dogs to sit at home, watch TV all day and get dressed up in pretty clothes?
Is this where we are heading to? Dogs no longer work – exercise – or have fun in the sun?

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