Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8 2012 More Powerful X Class Flares Developing [HD]

It is highly possible that more powerful X flares are developing on the sun where it is likely that some either in Provinces or in States can experience disruption in television reception, cell phone interferences or if some powergrids get inundated you could have power flickers or brown outs for some seconds, minutes or hours.

There is no need to panic!! No harm will come to you. Solar X flares have been hurdling towards earth for over a millennia your grandparents or great parents living without the luxuries of electricity and technological appliances saw no days different than any other ordinary day.

But you can prepare to safeguard your technological items such as cell phones, television, computers. Depending where you live of course and keeping this in mind, the further North of the equator you live the more chances are you need to pay attention. The further South you live of the equator the more your day will continue in a normal routine.

Keep batteries and flash lights handy. If you have water operating by a well keep fresh bottled water. A battery run radio so you know what's happening in your area. If you have a generator should power go out, DO NOT operate the generator indoors or outside near an open window. Get in touch with your community center if you need advice.

And enjoy the amazing experience of the aurora borealis.

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