Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Solar Flares, CMEs and Class X Flares Oh My! The Truth About 2012 - Solar Storms

Sometimes I’ll take a quick scroll through YouTube especially with 2012 approaching where the doomsday babbles boggles the mind. Plus now with our sun having woken from a deep slumber to a very active sun, solar flares and CMEs more abound, for certain doomsday sayers will have a field day. I’ll go as far as even to say now that we are entering the next some years with a very active sun, the scenarios are amazing of what doomsday predictions our poor sun is being blamed for. Extreme weather, global warming, the apocalypse, we are all going to hell!!! I must add there are some who go into the conspiracy theory that it is other factors causing global warming along with the extreme weather. WELL NO!! Not any conspiracy theory you hear about nor the sub have anything to do with global warming and extreme weather we all know by now that fossil fuel burning and CO2 have the hallmark sign of heating up our earth which in turn causes extreme weather, but not earthquakes and not volcano eruptions. The earth isn’t wobbling, the earth’s core isn’t getting hotter, the world isn’t slowing down and the atmosphere isn’t speeding up – the sun isn’t getting more active the sun has a 24yr cycle of which I will explain here – the poles have been flipping for billions of years which constitutes of a gradual and steady flip over a time period of ten thousand years not a sudden one as some doom sayers would like to think. (See explanation) click on the following link.

2012 and The Geomagnetic Reversal

The real culprit is CO2 and those who want to divert your attention.

Now that our sun is in its maximum stage meaning it is more active for the next 11-12 years we’ll be seeing lots of solar storms, X class solar flares, CME’s and solar winds, along with some fantastic aurora borealis and aurora australis, I’ve made some videos to explain just what our sun does. And, as far as climate change is concerned I will also continue to keep you informed on the health of our planet.


Fire and Ice

To the men and women who venture onto the North Pole and Antarctica facing all elements regardless mother nature might present. Observe the condition of our sea ice and the health of our planet as well as catching the beauty of our Aurora Borealis.

ICEBRIDGE/NASA The DC8 Plane known as the Main Work Horse observes both our poles North and South. There are in total six planes that fly three over the Arctic and three over the Antarctic, including the newly launched satellite NPP as well as the many existing other satellites making observation and taking data over the pole.

360 Degree View of an X-class Flare and CME [HD]

The sun sent out two different kinds of solar activity on November 3, 2011 in different directions: an X.19 solar flare and a particularly bright coronal mass ejection (CME).

One large and two good-sized, energetic active regions were rotating into view (Nov. 1-2, 2011). Note how the magnetic connection between the upper two areas clearly begin to reach over and interact with each other.

video by true masked wabbit

Solar Cycle 24 [2011] How It Works How It Affects Us [HD]

This is the solar cycle 24, so known because the sun goes through a 22 to 24 years cycle of solar minimum and solar maximum.

An X1.9 Flare at 2011 Nov 03 2027 UT!

Active region AR11339 let go an X1.9 flare 2011 Nov 03 2027 UT. This large and complex active region just rotated onto the disk and we will watch it for the next 10 days.

if you want to know more about ICEBRIDGE and the Main Workhorse DC8
Operation ICEBRIDGE Antarctica video by true masked wabbit

Wish you all a good and safe week ahead


Ps. My sincere apologies for not having made my rounds lately – you don’t want to know the reason but I will try my best to get to you all.


A Word From Heliophysics NASA

I want to thank Dr. Young for his input on solar flares, CMEs and solar storms.

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