Sunday, October 23, 2011


Losing our children in death is something no parent wants to experience. It is sad indeed nevertheless let’s not lose sight of reality when tragedy hits home as it did in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada where five teens were involved in a car roll over, four had died and one is still in critical condition in the Hospital.

As I listened to the announcer of CTV news this morning asking people to post their picture on facebook and give homage to “our FALLEN team-mates” I could feel my blood coming to the boiling point.

Our What Team-mates? We have “fallen” heroes also known as veterans who have died for our freedom. We have “fallen” police officers who have died in the course of duty. We DO NOT have a bunch of drunken teens going for joyrides, breaking the law (underage drinking, drinking and driving and speeding), known as fallen anything. Get Real Alberta! Do you truly believe that the four criminals deserved the Canadian Flag flying at half mast? Be called “fallen”? Just because they belonged to a football team? They committed a criminal act where they could have killed several innocent people along with them.

You wanted them mentioned on facebook? Well here is their story …. My sympathies to the parents.

Four teens killed after crash in Grande Prairie, Alta.

EDMONTON — Alcohol and speed are believed to be factors in a Saturday morning collision south of Grande Prairie, Alta., that killed four teens and critically injured a 15-year-old, all of whom may have played for the same high school football team.

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