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The Planet Hunters - Extreme Life - Eating Rocks - The debate part 3

true masked wabbit/eagle averro

Comment by Eagle Averro (Paradise or Hell)

The theory eagle is referring to is the debate article of Bruce Watson and Mark Harrison disputing the theory that our planet had a Hadean Eon Earlier Ocean Theory [ ]an opposite view of the previous article mentioned the Hadean Eon by Dr. Lynn Rothschild.

Says eagle averro: “Point number 1; the solar system works by a perfect balanced gravitational effect; in other words all the bodies that are orbiting in the solar system are in an equal Librium. If you bring into our solar system a large body, let’s say the size of Mars, and it comes from outside the solar system and slowly comes to the rotational realm then the gravitational effects will cause a domino effect. The domino effect will create an unstable environment and we can actually see planets going out of their orbit.

Point number 2; This point of impact; you can do this little experiment by simply getting a soft vegetable let’s say a tomato and get some other large object let’s say a rock.
If you throw it at the tomato and watch the splatter, the splatter of the material will be diverse;the angle of the projectory will be over 120o angle. Not only do you have to get all that material then to congeal to get it to form the moon but that material has to be at a speed which is an earth orbit catcher speed. Now if you do the mathematics you will find that over 90 % if any ejector will not have that speed. So now, if 90% of the ejector that went into space, escaped into space, that means the earth had to be something like six times larger than what it is now. That means that the earth could not be at this present orbit.

So it’s not true what wabbit’s article posted

(*please note foot note by true masked wabbit on this comment)
where scientists go back 4.5 billion years what they call the beginning of the solar system and accepting that theory of the beginning of our solar system the earth has to be very, very close to the present location. Because if let’s say for the sake of the discussion the earth would be one million miles further out or one million miles further in.The climatic conditions would not be,The other orbiting bodies that are orbiting in the solar system are now not in the same location would not be in that location.
Because the gravitational equal librium will not be what it is now.So imagine the gravitational effect our planet has on both Venus and Mars in its present location. If you move it one million miles in another direction then the gravitation effect of both Venus and Mars would be drastically different.In our studies of the ejector into space we see that injected does not congeal into a solid body. It’s a bit like dust bunnies. If you get a lot of dust bunnies together but they don’t congeal to form one huge dust bunny or you can get some marbles and put them into a marble bag. So then all this space injector if it is congealed it will still be just that. Space particles that are attracted by gravitational effect. To have a congealment of all that material to one body you need to have a temperature above ten thousand degrees so you going to get all that material to melt to homogenize and to form a single body like the moon. Where does that energy come from?

Asteroids Extinction

A lot of people misunderstand the so called meteorite extinction 1- the evidence there said no such thing took place2- The dinosaurs went extinct something like over four million years ago3- No dust cloud can be created by any meteorite striking earth that it would be so huge that it would actually create darkness over both hemispheres. For the dust to go from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere it requires about seven years. Dust clouds cannot maintain their floating in the atmosphere for that long a duration.

Foot note by true masked wabbit; The theory eagle is referring to is a relatively young theory by Bruce Watson and Mark Harrison disputing the theory that our planet had a Hadean Eon, Which is an opposite view of the previous article mentioned the Hadean Eon by Dr. Lynn Rothschild. My own opinion would be that were there any third solar body crashing into our planet it would be more of a playing table pool theory. Our earth may have lost a junk but both pieces then would be ejected out of orbit and into an eccentric one. Since this is not the case when we look at our solar system planets’ orbits this is then logically not the case.
I have also referred to eccentric orbit referring to the article of Upsilon Andromedae A planet in an eccentric orbit is going to spend most of the time far away from the star in sort of the cold regions and then it will dive quickly around the star where it’s very hot.”

*When a gas giant swings close to the parent star, its gravity would force any rocky planet out of the system.
As far as asteroids having hit our earth and caused mass extinction (actually it was 65 million years ago that dinosaurs went extinct) I would challenge eagle on that one to show me that it has been established that the Dinosaurs did not suffer extinction because of an asteroid. There is evidence that earth had more than one mass extinction due to asteroids or volcanic eruptions (see Fire From Within) and there are plenty of immensely large craters still found here on earth that would have been catastrophic to any given life form in a mass volume. I’d like to add that the dinosaurs didn’t roam all over the world, they were designated to one area only in that time period. Let’s examine the evidence. [Dinosaur Extinction]

Life in the Extremes: An Interview With Dr. Penelope Boston
Dianne Northup microbiologist and associate professor at the University of New Mexico and an associate in the university's Museum of Southwestern Biology
Lynn Rothschild, Ph.D., NASA Ames Research Center .
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