Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Accuracy of Spectroscopy - Spectroanalysis

true masked wabbit
Vikki (bio-med analysis)

I had discussed the accuracy of spectroanalysis with Vikki (as requested by eagle averro) and she commented on behalf of the medical aspect of accuracy only, since she is not familiar with spectroscopy being used concerning space exploration.

She explained that the new machines have controlled solutions where the accuracy is no less than 100%. Standard or older models however used manually can vary by .01o or simply through man made error at a higher degree, depending.Also she added;” There’s not only monochromators, you can have poly too (many) and different types of lamps also... like tungstène for white light and uv... stuff like that.

You also have different wave lengths.. such as light is 400nm to ... 700 I think and under 400 is uv and over 700 is infra red. Also, you have different types of tubes that you can put your solution in too. Depending on the light you use- you have glass or critical or plastic.

”By note: If you want to go into the technicality of accuracy for the spectroanalysis you can say 100% even though it will be at 99.9% or even 98.9%. Still the results would be the same in the reports issued for what you were analysing. As an analyst your precision work cannot be less than 100% however.

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